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e-connected - Initiative für Elektromobilität und nachhaltige Energieversorgung

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About e-connected

About E-Connected

Prime goal of e-connected is to reduce carbon emissions produced by road traffic in Austria by introducing E-Mobility swiftly and sustainably. E-connected links stakeholders, generates and disseminates know-how and boosts E-Mobility in Austria.

e-connected is an initiative founded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund. The initiative shall provide information for potential market participants and foster information exchange. Besides the website www.e-connected.at, which provides all relevant information to the public, e-connected consists of several expert groups on the following topics (the expert groups are currently not active!).

  • Education
  • Business models
  • Electric vehicles
  • Charging stations
  • Framework conditions
  • System-integrated E-mobility
  • Network integration (not active in the 2nd phase “e-connected II”)
  • Energy storage (not active in the 2nd phase “e-connected II”)

The expert groups consist of representatives of leading Austrian and international research institutions, start-ups, Industry, NGOs and other institutions. Linking the key players of the expert groups will enable the identification of the status-quo of e-mobility in Austria, spot shortcomings and provide new approaches.

The expert groups published their 1st report in November 2009
(Final report e-connected I).

The expert groups published their 2nd report in December 2010
(Final report e-connected II).

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